gr (a/e) y

gr(a/e)y 2020 . laser fused glass powder . blown glass vessel

This work is made entirely of glass where the individual text is formed by a laser engraver. Rather than engraving onto solid glass, the laser runs across a smooth layer of glass powder leaving the surface of the powder tacked together. Each letter is then picked up and fused to a thin rod of glass. The viewer is presented with the passing of time as the letters fall apart into the bowl below.

I find importance in seeing text not as a formal and definitive symbol but one that gives us insights into our changing society. To better understand one another is to be open to the many nuances in meaning. Language often includes gray areas in meaning which leads to patterns of change. The title of this piece is an example of the creative qualities of language as the American English word “gray” has the same meaning as the British English word “grey”. It is the gr(a/e)y area that makes communication malleable.