Interface 2020 . interactive . 6′ glass sheet and phosphor powder coating

Activated by people’s overlapping interactions; interface combines real-time (face to face) communication and digital (distance) communication. A sheet of glass is coated with phosphor powder. The powder is made of strontium aluminate, a rare earth mineral that can hold a natural glow for up to six hours. These naturally occurring elements glow from contact with an ultraviolet light pen provided. The viewer is prompted to interact and create marks of their own. Tic-Tac-Toe, faces, squiggles, and text fill the surface of the glass in the form of a glowing blue line. Over time, with no interaction, the glow dims and eventually disappears leaving a clean slate.

This work allows you to draw quietly to yourself until someone on the other side of the glass interrupts your thought. There is no restriction as to who can draw on the surface or where they can leave a mark. These interruptions become collaborations.